For light daily use, we recommend rinsing the bath and/or basin with plenty of warm, soapy water. QUARRYCAST™ has excellent stain resistance, but we recommend that bath and/or basin water containing additives (oils, bath salts, dyes etc.) is always drained and then the bath and/or basin cleaned with fresh, warm water immediately after use. If any marks are not removed with this method, we recommend a mild, non-abrasive household cleaner. Should you need to clean the bath and/or basin with an abrasive cleaner, as may be required after heavy use or for any stubborn staining, we recommend the use of an automotive grade polish. Please note, abrasives will cause the disappearance of the glossy look over a long period. Bleach-based cleaning products are compatible with QUARRYCAST™, although for environmental reasons we do not recommend them. Always rinse any cleaning products off the bath and/or basin after use with fresh, clean water.


Follow the same cleaning instructions as Gloss White QUARRYCAST, though for any stubborn staining on products with a 100% Matt finish, we recommend the use of a fine scouring pad, such as 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Hand Pad.

For any particularly stubborn stains, refer to our Restoring QUARRYCAST™ guide.

Painted Baths and Basins

For painted baths and basins, we recommend following the basic cleaning advice for QUARRYCAST™ White (Gloss) and 100% Matt products for internal use, in addition to the below for the external painted finish:

Painted products with a gloss finish can be cleaned with neutral soaps and warm water. Anything more stubborn can be polished with automotive car polish, available from Bunnings or automotive stores.

Painted products with a matt finish should not be polished, and can be cleaned with a specialist matt finish cleaner such as Flitz. Specialist matt finish cleaners will help ensure the finish remains matt. Please follow the instructions on the packaging and ensure the cleaning is not under hard pressure as this can remove the matt finish, polishing the material to a gloss level.
For stubborn staining we recommend obtaining a specialist matt or gloss cleaner from an automotive store.