Perrin & Rowe Finishes

Shaws by Perrin & Rowe Ribble kitchen mixer with spray rinse in Nickel. Phoenician style monobloc kitchen tap AUSH.4360. Distributed in Australia by Luxe by Design, Brisbane.


A richer tone than chrome, this warm, shiny finish is extremely popular for classical interiors with its champagne colouring. It can complement warm interiors or balance cool-toned colour schemes. This electroplated finish is slightly more delicate than chrome, but is simple to clean and maintain. Nickel can develop a subtle aged effect over time, which may be restored to its original lustre with gentle cleaning.


Perrin & Rowe tapware must be installed by a Licensed Plumber in accordance with the installation instructions provided, best trade practices and must comply to local plumbing regulations in your area. Incorrect installation may damage your tap and could invalidate your warranty.

Following the provided installation guide, please ensure your plumber uses clean hands or gloves when handling your products during installation. Once installed, ask your plumber to cover the fittings with a towel to avoid scratches and damage from debris, paint, solvents, silicone and commercial cleaning products.


Following a simple cleaning routine after use will maintain the beauty of your brassware, and preserve the warranty. Ideally, fittings should be dried with a soft cloth after each use. Clean regularly by dampening a microfibre cloth with warm water combined with a mild PH-neutral liquid soap, then polish with a soft, lint-free cloth to finish. Microfibre cloths are ideal as they are gentle but effective at cleaning brassware without scratching.


Perrin & Rowe brassware products are manufactured in brass by craftsmen in its factory in England. Some minor imperfections in the materials and finish are not defects but a feature of a handmade product. Nickel finish is warranted against manufacturing defects for five (5) years from the date of product purchase, and is not transferrable to a new owner.

The finish warranty is voided by:

  • Damage to finishes which arises from installation or post installation use. Please follow the product installation guide for full instructions.
  • Failure to observe and uphold Perrin & Rowe’s Care and Maintenance Guide.
  • Damage to finishes caused by adhesives, sealants, paint or any solvents used to remove them.
  • Damage to finishes due to unsuitable cleaning products or methods contrary to Perrin & Rowe’s Care and Maintenance guide. This includes abrasive, acidic, corrosive, alcohol-based and citrus-based cleaning solutions.
  • Damage due to scouring of the metal finish by abrasive cloths, steel wool, dish brushes or scouring pads.